T e a m s   &   S p o r t s   T o u r n a m e n t s

A d u l t   T e a m s

  • Group Photos and Composites
  • Photo Banners and Signage
  • Live Game Coverage
  • Autograph Cards and Posters

All Adult Team Services a provided as a bid or hourly service.  Call for a quote, hourly rates begin at $75 per hour.


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Y o u t h   T e a m s

Individual and Team Photos.  Photo buttons, mouse pads, Trading Cards, Custom posters,  Life Size Cut-outs and more!!

Our Youth Team services are generally provided at no charge to the organization.  All players on the team are photographed and the teams photos are available for purchase from there.

An average order of $10 per family maintains this arrangement.  Call for details!

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T o u r n a m e n  t s

You can get coverage of your entire event from Tee-off to the last shot, or just the awards ceremony.

All coverage include the high-res files on CD.

Events are billed hourly, please note that as we understand that sometime things run late, we only allow a 30minute grace period on events that run long.

Tournament Hourly rate is $75.*
Call for Multi-Day / Location Tournament

We can print Champion Ship Team Photos on-site with your logo and branding!

*Hourly rate is for one photographer, single location, no staff support.  Call for very large tournaments (300+ teams)

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